Wiltshire-based party design company

   Inspired Party Design is a run by three ladies with a passion for style, artistry and invention. Whether you require contemporary or traditional styling for your event, Inspired Party Design can create an ambience that will be exactly right for you.

Handmade personal touches, stunning flower arrangements and boundless enthusiasm make Inspired Party Design the 'Inspired' choice to ensure your party, wedding or celebratory event is just that!!

"A truly brilliant evening. With Anne, Lucy and Sara's fabulous organisation our party was one we will always remember."

Lord Bluster of Bath

Meet The Team

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Anne A trained Architect, Anne has amazing vision and artistic skills. She's one of those people for whom nothing is a problem and who can turn her hand to anything with stunning results!! She's been designing weddings and theming parties for many years and is truly talented. Her creative skills and energy make her a fabulous member of the team.
LucyLucy , a professional Personal Assistant, is wonderfully organised and brings a wealth of business experience to the team. Her people skills make her an excellent negotiator, and she's a great person to ensure the whole event runs smoothly. Prepared to turn her hand to anything, her enthusiasm is totally infectious!!
Sara has a fine eye for detail. She effortlessly transforms your vision into reality. Her style and ability to create beautiful finishing touches, whether using flowers, fabrics or food, make her an essential team member. She's incredibly warm and friendly and loves the challenge of putting together a unique event that people will remember!!
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